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The Republic of San Marino is a true gem, surrounded by greenery, in the middle of the Italian region of Romagna, and the trip to this beautiful land will be most enjoyable when using the service of car rental in San Marino to better explore the surrounding area. The territory of this small sovereign state is a truly green paradise, rich in culture, history and great culinary peculiarities.

If you have made a rational decision to rent a car in San Marino, you can find the best deals via the site of Naniko where offered many alternatives that will best fit your needs. The convenience of having your own means of travel during the trip, will greatly increase the range of new places that you will be able to discover and enjoy the charm of the local folklore and culture.
San – Marino offers an extremely rich cultural world. This small republic disposed in the heart of Romagna and is a popular tourist destination, and worth to visit such attractions as the Government Palace, Rocca Cesta and Montale Rocca.

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Traveling by our car rent, you will be able to cross the state border, previously received from us a special written permission for this kind of trip.

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Did you know that San Marino has the oldest written constitution in the world, which was created 1600 years ago? This microscopic Republic is placed on the Italian Peninsula and covers an area of just 61 square kilometers and a population is about 30 000 people. For the business traveler will be interesting to know that San Marino’s economy is among the most stable in the world. Here you can see the ultra modern shopping centers, souvenir shops and luxury hotels around the San Marino.

Visitors can get a wonderful experience of studying medieval history. As a starting point, you can choose a medieval weapons Museum, which exhibits a rich collection of armor. There are also many exhibits and artifacts of the Renaissance.