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The best deals on car rental in Skopje Airport from Naniko

As the most important city and the capital of Macedonia, Skopje has approximately 600 thousand inhabitants, and is also a cultural center of nation. The town is crossed by the river Vardar and on the different sides of the river you can see a clear contrast between the old and the modern city. Here you can discover the many places of interest, telling about the various landmarks of history. Founded in ancient times as the Roman settlement, the city experienced the domination of Byzantines, Bulgarians and Constantinople, and in the Middle Ages was conquered by the Ottomans.

The modern city is served by an international airport named after Alexander the Great and is the most important one in Macedonia, is disposed 17 km from the capital. From here are flights connecting Skopje with many European and international destinations. It was originally built as a commercial port, and since its existence to the present day has undergone many restructuring for modernization. To date, the passenger turnover of approximately 1.5 million people.

With today’s busiest traffic in the big cities and the inconvenience of using public transport to travel, for greater convenience, most use the services of car rental from Skopje airport, which makes it easy to implement any of your plans on selected routes.

Use bargains from Naniko, to effectively save when you rent a car in Skopje Airport!

For your more safety and comfort during the trip we offer you the range of supportive accessories, including car seats available for children, navigators, luggage basket, winter accessories and much more. Also among the additional services you will be able to select an option of additional driver and service of professional driver.

In order to rent a car, the renter, the same driver must meet certain standards, to be at least 21 years old with two years of driving practice and provide valid documents with a shelf life of at least one year.

All prices provided on our site include VAT and insurance. In addition to all, for all our cars you get unlimited mileage, which is an additional savings during your trip on a car rent.

Although at the signing of the lease the term of car hire originally bargained, you are always have the opportunity to extend the lease period, contact the booking center for a few days in advance.

Get the most out of favorable terms on car rent in the airport of Skopje by Naniko!

Conveniently moving on car hired, you can travel outside the city and visit the ancient aqueduct of the Roman era, also the canyon Matka, providing magnificent scenery, rich in lakes and monasteries and gives the chance to make hiking and other outdoor activities.

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