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Car Rental in Lviv. Cheap prices for auto hire from Naniko

Plan a trip to this beautiful city do not miss the sight of the moving means during your stay and take care of comfortable vehicle. In Lviv, there are numerous attractions that the most tourists enjoy to visit.

For finding your preferred car renting in Lviv at the best prices you can use the site, save time and enjoy your trip organized optimally.

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  • For summer trips and lovers of a fast ride, we have available as a sporty convertible that will give a peculiar charm to your trip
  • Our products and services has a very broad spectrum of periodic discounts and promotions that can save a considerable amount of your budget.
  • Among the accessories for convenience and safety you will find the Navigators, luggage baskets, child seats, ski holders, security chain and more.
  • You do not expect by unpleasant surprises of hidden costs, everything is clearly defined
  • Our prices are always excellent with the included car insurance and taxes
  • Unlimited mileage

The company Naniko offers the best conditions and economical prices for vehicle hire in Lviv!

Lviv is oftentimes referred to as the cultural capital of Ukraine, because it is a town with a rich aristocratic soul and innumerable monuments of culture and architecture. With its colorful and saturation, the historic center of the city was listed as a world cultural heritage. Here is the greatest number of different types of architecture in Ukraine.

In Lviv, many with pleasure visit such attractions as the Opera House, St George’s Cathedral, the famous Market Square, Latin Cathedral, Town hall, the Dominican church, a monument to Ivan Fedorov, and more.

The city of Lviv during its history learned to be tolerant to many as experienced various events often full even of suffering. Perhaps it’s today beauty owes this to its cosmopolitanism. At different times, invaded here the Mongols, Austrians, Swedes and Germans, and in the last century Russian. Lviv was fortunate to get out fairly unharmed from the devastation of World War II and to preserve its architecture intact. Even survived the communist architecture cumbersome, especially in the suburbs, not that hurts the eyes, lost in the overall beauty of the city.

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