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Valletta is a small town, disposed just on one square kilometers of territory and it is among the best fortified places in the world, also offers incomparable beauty of the architectural style. The city is completely included in the World Heritage List, and offers a lot of interesting aspects, which remained unchanged, at least for 100 years. Valletta offers visitors many exciting monument in the town and in its surroundings, and it can be explored  very comfortably in the presence of car rental services from Valletta airport. Malta International Airport is conveniently placed in the heart of the island and is an ideal place to start your journey. Valletta is a cape and medieval fortifications are preserved to this day, even the city has the magnificent sea views. Tourists have a great chance to spend time on large squares surrounded by Baroque buildings. Various buildings here date back to the sixteenth century and later periods. Naniko may provide you with a great selection of deals for rent a car at the airport of Valletta, on Malta archipelago.

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The imposing Cathedral of Saint John can be attributed to one of the most beautiful churches in Europe. Built in the XVI century, it is dedicated to the Knights of St. John. The floor of cathedral is completely covered with 400 marble slabs.

Valletta really offers the best opportunity for excursions. This journey seems throws you back in time, opening the secrets of the medieval way of life, animating the pictures of knights life and providing an opportunity to see the magnificent and luxurious gardens, where they spent quiet moments of leisure.

Another important place to visit in Valletta is the Grand Master’s Palace, located in the heart of the city. Today it houses the president’s office and the Chamber of Deputies.

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