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Search, compare and book car rental in Zagreb Airport from Naniko

The capital of Croatia is served by an international airport, located 14 km away and is called Pleso, in the system of aviation industry it is known with IATA code of ZAG. It is both a civil and military airport. Because of high demand, the flow of passengers is constantly growing and is planned to expand and improve the structure, which includes the construction of a new terminal and a hotel for travelers.
Connection with the city is by the bus lines available immediately when you leave the international arrivals hall.

The convenient location of the airport makes it an ideal destination for tourists, where you can embark on a journey and explore the surroundings. Of course, its better to take care of a suitable means of travel and book car rental at Zagreb Airport via the reservation system of Naniko and get complete freedom in shaping your own routes.
Why it is better to take advice on advance booking? Because, you will avoid waiting your desired option at the rental desk, and also taking into account the fact that in high season prices are subject to change, making an order in advance, you get substantial savings.

Discover new places with Naniko by rent a car in Zagreb Airport and explore the city on your style!

Taking advantage of the convenience of our simple booking system and a wide range of vehicles, you can choose the perfect car and package for your trip. Here you will have an opportunities from the daily rental, short-term and long-term options. If you prefer direct contact by telephone, speak with our professionals and find out which of these options best fit your needs.

Always carry your driver’s license, credit card and passport in order to get booked auto. Also must have the voucher, which you will receive as a confirmation of your order.

Our company has many car rent offices in Croatia and around the world, and therefore, in cooperation with us, you can get the desired services everywhere and at any time.

Selection of vehicles in our fleet is always wide and provides vehicles of all types and sizes, from small and economical cars, vans, sedans and SUVs to luxury models. Our cars are supplied from the manufacturer with a worldwide reputation and is always equipped with all comforts and the latest technology.

Save your time and money with the best deals on car rent from Zagreb-Pleso airport by Naniko!

In short, regardless of whether you require a car for business matters or for leisure, from Naniko you will always find everything to travel in complete comfort and safety.

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