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Car renting in Poland. Rent a car of low costs from Naniko

Located in the heart of Europe Poland, a former communist nation has a wealthy history and beautiful nature. Its capital Warsaw pleasantly surprises by its modernity, and the center of the southern area Krakow – by its history.

In the north, the coastline counts 500 km, where there are important ports of Gdansk and Szczecin, the main market of the sea.

On in real time, you can check the most favorable offers of car rental in Poland and travel along the shore with a lot of resorts, while deep inside you can visit the lakes and dense forests, to see the colorful countryside and medieval castles. To the northeast, in the Mazury region more than 2,000 lakes connected by canals and rivers, encircled by hills and woods.

Learn about all the advantages offered by the company Naniko for services of auto hire in Poland!

  • After completion of the reservation, in most cases, confirmation is received within 24 hours. If you do not get any, always welcome to contact our operators.
  • Services ordered from us can be paid for by the method more convenient for you: by transfer, credit card or in cash in our office.
  • If you wish to make adjustments to the already confirmed order or cancel it, do it for free for 48 hours prior the start of the lease period.
  • Get the car carry a voucher of your reservation, containing specific information about your order, as well as a passport and driver’s license.
  • If your license issued in a language other than the Latin alphabet, such as Chinese, Cyrillic or on the other, ensure the presence of one international standards.
  • You get already included in the price of necessary auto insurance and all local taxes.
  • By car rented from us, you will be able to travel to neighboring countries, with a special from company.

Whichever way you choose on vehicle hired in Poland, Naniko gives you unlimited mileage!

Poland has experienced different periods of bursts and downs, victories and defeats, and today it is the parliamentary republic, part of the European Community from 2004.

Major cities and places of artistic interest are Warsaw, Krakow, Lodz, Wroclaw and others. Lublin has a special charm, with medieval architecture and a well-known Catholic university.

Not far from Krakow have a former concentration camp in Auschwitz, lasting testimony of the horrors of Nazi brutality, deserves a visit and bringing a silent tribute to all victims of war.

The road system in Poland is in the process of improving and by car renting in Poland, you will comfortably reach many places and an alternative route in the Baltic Sea, the coastal road to Gdansk.

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