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Rent a car in Minsk from
worldwide car rental company Naniko

Tel: +995 (32) 2 14-76-75

Chauffeur services Minsk, Belarus

Worldwide car rental company NANIKO in Minsk , Belarus, offers to theair customers take advantage of car rental with chauffeur service.

Minsk is the capital of Belarus, a major business center of the country . A lot of people come here .  Some of them for business  , some come to relax and unwind . For all of them , the main thing is not to spend time in vain , for this the wisest decision to rent a car with a driver . With it, you are guaranteed to get the safe movement , time savings , the highest quality of service.

After your arrive you will be so tired, and it will be great, that someone takes care about your transportation, and you can close your eyes in the car and don’t worry, that something happened with you. You can completely trust us.

NANIKO company has extensive experience in the transportation of passengers , that helps us to provide a high level of service .

We can arrange a transfer for you , take a business meeting, to accompany you to another city or to go on a tourist route you compiled .

We have a large fleet of various machines , you can find the right car and believe me, you ‘ll satisfied with your choice !