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Rent a car at the airport of Dublin. Auto rental with Naniko

Travel around green expanses of Ireland, undoubtedly starts with Dublin as its magnificent capital, with many clubs and pubs. A remarkable feature of the city that, despite its scale and rapid economic growth in recent decades, are still supported by the relaxed lifestyle and plenty of opportunities to rejoice at rest and relaxation.

If you have planned to explore the island independently to achieve its most remote and beautiful places, it’s hard to find a better alternative than to rent a car at Dublin Airport. Immediately after planting and passing the necessary procedures, you can get your car, prudently ordered in advance at and go anywhere, wherever you like.

The most convenient solution of auto renting in Dublin Airport to meet your travel needs from Naniko!

  • Collaborating with global brands of car manufacturers, we can offer a fine options of models for all demands of our customers.
  • Our low prices are available with already included taxes and the cost of insurance.
  • Grandiose discounts you can get when lease three days or more.
  • There are no ulterior costs, which could then increase prices, initially all clearly indicated.
  • For your safety provided Casco car insurance.
  • Available services of highly qualified drivers with excellent knowledge of routes
  • At no cost, you can cancel or modify your order two days before the commencement of the lease

Unlimited mileage on Naniko – a nice bonus when renting an auto at the airport of Dublin!

Being among the ten busiest European airports, Dublin Airport is located 10 km from the capital and has a passenger over on average 60,000 passengers a day, or about 80,000 in the loaded season, which has daily 600 flights of aircraft.

Its old name is Collinstown and was opened in 1940, when was made the first flight to Liverpool.

In 2009, there were produced substantial reconstruction in connection with the addition of a second terminal in order to meet the growing traffic of passengers.

Dublin Airport offers an extensive range of services for maximum convenience and meet the needs of travelers.

Throughout the airport is available broadband Wi-Fi, which you can buy online or in vending machines.

On the whole airport complex can be found for the carriage of baggage the trolleys provided free of charge.

The list of services includes a doctor, pharmacy, religious buildings, business halls, and more.

There is also a great opportunity to do some shopping or have a delicious lunch in the restaurant.

After registration and control of security, you can visit the new shopping area of the airport, where more than 25 shops, cafes and bars.

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