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Rent a car from the airport of Odessa. Auto hire on favorable terms from Naniko

Odessa is amongst the major cities in Ukraine, has in presence the international airport, located 7 km away, and this fact is very convenient due to the air traffic laden with a large number of tourists from different directions. Being strategically located along the Black Sea coast, it has long been a very popular seaside resort, thanks to the magnificent beaches.

Vehicle rental at Odessa Airport is the most widely used means for its high efficiency and economy. In short, rest in Odessa, combined with first class service and hospitality, a paradise on earth, with fun and adventure.

Discover the profitability of auto renting at the airport of Odessa online on!

  • Our prices include taxes and mandatory auto insurance.
  • We do not have additional costs with a credit card and no hidden surcharges.
  • Help on the road you always get timely in case of necessity
  • Excellent rates are always competitive and guaranteed
  • Unlimited mileage granted for our machines will provide you with a hassle-free journey on any routes.
  • We can also offer the ability to move in a stylish car of your dreams, luxury class. At the same time without the need for high cost when buying a car of this caliber.
  • You can also use the services of a qualified driver and not worry about knowing the roads, or local traffic rules.
  • We can pick up for your the car with the right technical characteristics from our vehicle fleet.

Once you arrive, you get your car rented at the airport in Odessa, prudently reserved by Naniko!

International Airport of Odessa is among the largest airports in the country and has air links with most of the cities of Ukraine, as well as the worldwide passenger traffic exceeds 800 thousand per year.

The airfield has a presence of 57 parking spaces for aircraft, and is equipped with high-tech means of traffic management. The passenger terminal was built with all modern facilities and services for international and domestic flights. Airport completely covers an area of ​​about 570 hectares.

The city offers an abundance of places for excursions and active recreation. Many museums is a bright indicator of the historical past of the city. Car rental from Odessa Airport gives to travelers the opportunity to have a great time and choose the routes to its preference.

Even if the most tourists are still here due to the magic of the Black Sea beaches, always find a lot of interesting things to see. For example, the city zoo makes an ideal alternative for an interesting day.

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