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Since then Athens became the capital of Greece, it has undergone rapid development and its population from 14,000 inhabitants has increased to three million. Today it is a large cosmopolitan metropolis, which is the economic, financial and cultural center of the nation.

From ancient history the city is renown as the motherland of democracy, birthplace of Plato’s Academy and Aristotle’s Lyceum and a lot of prominent figures of antiquity. In addition, in Athens, the first time in the modern era, the Olympic Games were held in 1896. The most famous landmark is the Acropolis of Athens, where during the visit of majestic temples covers the excitement of direct contact with the ancient city. The Acropolis has several temples that were built in the time of Pericles, and numerous works of the greatest sculptor Phidias, but the most significant monument can be determined as the Parthenon, the current structure of which was built on the foundations of an ancient temple, which was destroyed by the Persians.

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After you enjoy plenty of visiting the ancient monuments, there is the opportunity to buy interesting souvenirs, also visit the flea market in Athens, Platia Avyssinia, where you can find anything you want. Monastiraki Bazaar is near the same named Metro station, and here you can also purchase all types of goods.

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