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Belgium is disposed in Western Europe, although in its scale it is a small country, but it has a highly developed systems and standard of life. The country is amongst the founders of the European Community. Here, everywhere are the charming towns and rural areas, exciting attractions and cultural sites.
Belgium has a great variety of modes of transport, but urban residents are actively using bicycles to move around the city. In particular, in the charming city of Bruges, you can see the cyclists in abundance. In Belgium, you can rent bikes at stations and in other locations and easily transported it for free on trains. As we mentioned, Belgium is a small country, but it does not mean that you can get everywhere on foot and by bicycle. Most travelers to easily move select the car rental in Belgium, that really is the best option to create your own routes, or to successfully implement the goals.
Using the booking system via Naniko site, you get in a few minutes the most interesting and attractive options for rent a car in Belgium, at the same time getting the speed and efficiency of the services offered.

Visit the magnificent country with car rent in Belgium from Naniko and easily realize your dreams!

We have a developed system of services, which includes a variety of service packages for our customers, who take car rent for different purposes. Among the benefits are the following:

Unbeatable prices that are always competitive and beneficial to you, as already provided with included taxes and compulsory insurance.

Cancel or change your order you can without any additional costs or penalties. We must bear in mind that if you change the model or the car or rental period, respectively, the total amount of services will also change.

Provided the range of complementary services and accessories that increase the safety and comfort of your trip.

Available services of qualified drivers of our company, which is very beneficial for business people and travelers who wish to fully relax on your trip.

Get unlimited mileage and attractive discounts for rent a car in Belgium, proposed by Naniko!

Did you know these interesting facts about Belgium as:

• The country produces more than 800 different types of beer.
• Beer Academy first in the world was opened in Limburg in 1999.
• On average, one Belgian consumes 150 liters of beer per year.
• Every year in Belgium produced 220,000 tons of chocolate.
• In Belgium, there is the longest tram line in the world.

Belgium can offer its visitors a wide variety of tourist destinations and having the convenience of the services of rent a car you will easily carry out the most attractive routes and to make a dizzying trips in either direction.

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