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Placed in a picturesque location on a rocky peninsula between two large bays, Valletta is a small beautiful town and is the metropolis of the Maltese archipelago. The foundation of the city was initiated by the Grand Master of the Knights of St John, Jean de la Valette, and the construction of bastions, forts and cathedral was begun in 1566, and work was completed within fifteen years. The original core of the town is the Fort of Saint Elmo, that was constructed during the reign of Aragon, and fortified by the Knights of St. John, in order that it could keep a long siege during the heroic resistance against the Ottoman Great Siege. Today, the Fort hosts the military museum and the Malta Police Academy.

Walking from Fort of St. Elmo along the promenade, you can reach the gardens of Baraka, which in the old days were the private gardens of knights. It offers great views over the city’s harbor. Among the main attractions of the town will certainly need to mention the Cathedral of St. John, also built by the Knights. The interior of the cathedral presents many of the best samples of Baroque art in Europe. In addition, there is kept the famous painting by Caravaggio.

In short, Valletta offers visitors so colorful and interesting range of sights that certainly should be enjoyed in complete autonomy and comfort. For many travelers very useful the service of rent a car in Valletta. Thus, you will be able to afford to visit the many beautiful places in order to explore a truly Maltese archipelago.

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As is known, Malta is renowned for its stunning beaches and beautiful sea views. Disposed mainly in the northern part of the island, sandy beaches are easily reachable by car rent and are a popular tourist destination.

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