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Rent a Car in Warsaw. Information on car rental by Naniko

Warsaw has always been a specific place where you can discover a lot of things that one would like to do or see, regardless of the variety of historical events which have affected Poland. Most likely, this is due to the existence of a deep and vibrant culture that is saturated with the city and that no war was not under force to destroy.

This magnificent city will give you more positive emotions, if you visit it in comfort of car rental in Warsaw. The lighter and fastest way to find a car at a low price, visit and choose what you need from a variety of offers available.

Discover the benefits of low tariffs and improved services from Naniko on auto hire in Warsaw!

  • You can order accessories, like a navigation system GPS, child car seats, luggage baskets, holders of skis, snow chains and others, the payment of which can be made on the spot.
  • Our prices comprise the cost of car insurance, and taxes. Thus, the possible additional costs, for example, for the accessories or fuel, our reservations department will inform you prior to receiving the car.
  • You will need to have international driver’s license if it is given such as Chinese, Cyrillic or using another, different from the Latin alphabet.
  • We offer the services of a professional driver, or you can also specify the additional driver initially.
  • Your leased car we can deliver at your place of habitation or any other address that you specify.
  • Provision of snow tires, ski racks and snow chains and other additional devices, is a special option and is not included in the price of the main reservation.

Roadside assistance and unlimited mileage from Naniko always profitable bonus for vehicle hired in Warsaw!

Since the times of the depletions of World War II, Warsaw was practically reborn from its ashes, its historic center has been beautifully restored, but, unfortunately, lost its original appearance. Later, during the period of Communist rule, the city was marked by characteristic architecture, of which the most distinguished is the Palace of Culture and Science.

The origin of the name in Polish Warsawa comes from a legend that tells that in ancient times two children, War and Sava, noticed a mermaid in the Vistula River and declared that at this place will arise a large and wonderful town.

In Warsaw, nearly 2 million people, and with the surrounding area reaches 3.5 million.

Located in the east of Poland, Warsaw is built on both banks of the Vistula River, which flows into the Gulf of Gdańks.

The capital experienced a significant stage of revival after the fall of the last regime, and many foreign companies, focusing on the implementation of their business on the Polish Market incentives settled in Warsaw, providing many jobs.

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