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Rent a car in Minsk from
worldwide car rental company Naniko

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Car financial and operation leasing in Minsk, Belarus

Worldwide car rental company NANIKO in Belarus   provides to their clients  a unique opportunity to take the cars in leasing under the most favorable conditions.

Leasing – a very convenient way to keep your fleet fresh. Car leasing is increasingly beginning to acquire its popularity . Many legal entities and entrepreneurs prefer to update its fleet through leasing and many individuals too. On the basis of leasing contract may buy this car , it is as if the installment and could just as easily use the machine and return it to the lessor at the end of the contract , as long-term rentals .

For those who have opened a new office, leasing perfect outlet to not spend large funds for the purchase of the cars , they may needed , and the machine can be leased and thus raise the prestige of your company.

The main forms of leasing are:

Operating leasing – leasing is very popular for those who always want to have at their disposal a new car. You are interested in using the car for the period of registration of the contract , then you can change your selection to another , newer model and it is not necessary to purchase a car.

Lessor takes full responsibility for repair and maintenance of the car , is responsible for all risks .


Capital leasing

On the basis of this lease , the lessee has the right to buy the car at the residual value . Losses on early termination of the contract the lessee get to himself . It’s like a car installment , very convenient for those who do not want or can not do at the same time a large fee for buying a car. The right to choose the machine rests solely with the lessee .

You can decide what type of lease you are interested in and contact with us . We will give you the best prices on the lease.