Car rent per day in Minsk

We offer car rental per day in Minsk for the time of holidays, business trips and other purposes. Comfortable cars of different ranks in a good technical condition are at your disposal. The drivers have long driving experience and they the city perfectly.

The car rental per day is a very popular service for different household purposes, official receptions, tourist trips and holidays. You have an option to hire a car with a driver or without him. Cars for per day renting are represented on our website. You may use them for different purposes: from transfer to airport to sightseeing in Minsk. We welcome everyone who need a transport vehicle for travelling or for maintaining the high status.

We offer car rental in any situation when it is not convenient to take a taxi because you need to pay the driver for waiting time. For example, you have to wait for somebody in airport, then make some city trips with some intervals, or to take the family to the seaside and back and do other things. There a big choice of car in our car park. We carefully monitor their technical conditions. The drivers are polite, they have long experience and they know the city very well.
Rent a car per day

Pros of renting a car with a driver per day

  • Any (managerial or criminal) responsibility for the car and its behavior on the road laid on the driver, not on you.
  • You do not need to worry about a car theft and you do not need to pay for damages after small road traffic accidents.
  • You may get out of mind where to park, whether ii forbidden there or not.
  • You do not need to look constantly at the road and to be on pins and needles, you may relax, listen to music or to do your own business.
  • You do not need to think over how to get to this or to another place. Our drivers know the city and ways around to skip the traffic jams.

A car rental per day for tourists

Minsk is a beautiful city, which has attractive places for tourists to visit. But those who do not know the city have difficulty to get to them. The driver will help you because he knows shortest ways around for the fastest achievement of the destination point. It is very convenient to hire a cat for all time you are going to be in Minsk and no to worry about transport problems.

The advantages of car rental in our company

  • All the cars in our car park are maintained in a good technical state (they are mostly under 5 year of usage)
  • The drivers have long experience. We train them additionally how to behave with any clines.
  • We offer large variety of cars of different ranks and costs.
  • The cost of renting a car is rather low, compared with the competitors.
  • Return and extradition of the cars from renting are held on working days, weekends and holidays.
  • All the cars are clean and tidy, the passenger compartment is heated and the conditions for passengers are comfortable.
  • When you order car rental again, the services become cheaper due to discount system.

What do you need to hire a car per day?

First of all, you need to send us a request with a help of our website of to call us if it is urgent. If you order car rental with a driver, you just need to have a passport, then to sign the official contract and the payment. If you take the car without a driver you need next list of documents and requirements.

Physical persons:

  1. People’s proof document (passport);
  2. we demand driving experience of more than two years;
  3. a driving license;
  4. service paid amount in cash or electronic format;
  5. the client must be over 21 years old.

Juridical persons:

  1. information of the manager;
  2. company details;
  3. a proxy to sign the documents;
  4. passport and driving license of the future driver of the car.

Car rental in Minsk: what does the price depend on?

The cost of renting a car per day in Minsk is resulted from the cost of using the car itself and payment for the driver. The cost also depends on the term of the rental. Choose the car on the website and draw up an application.

Initial Provisions

Naniko has confidence in its customers and entrusts them to enter a rental agreement on the most favorable terms. By virtue of only three documents we allow you full enjoyment of our services.

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About Naniko

Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
The age of each vehicle does not exceed three years. We offer at your disposal a wide range of economy, middle and business class vehicles.

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Our Services

We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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Customers should pay in advance for Naniko rental services. Please find below available methods of payment.