Long term car rental

We offer long term car hire at competitive prices with all guarantees. You can rent a car for travel, business purposes, as well as for working in companies. We offer clean and well maintained cars of different models for any taste!

Long term car rental in Minsk is required for tourists, businessmen, managers, legal entities, as well as families for traveling and other personal needs. We offer comfortable ECONOMY and BUSINESS class cars at affordable prices to all categories of clients. Long term car rent can be with and without a driver. Each option has its pros and cons, which we will discuss in more detail.
Rent a car for a long term

The advantages of long term car rental with driver

This format of the service is often ordered by legal entities, as well as businessmen and managers, whose income level allows them to hire a personal driver. For legal entities it’s a great opportunity to do business without investing capital in the purchasing of own cars. Let’s consider the main advantages of long term car rental with a driver.

  • You don’t have to invest a large sum of money in your own car immediately. This is especially beneficial for companies that need a vehicle for corporate needs, but for the time being it is not profitable to spend funds of authorized capital on it.
  • You can rent a presentable car. We offer a selection of BUSINESS class cars. To buy such a car may be unprofitable at the moment, and it is necessary to have it according to the status of a person or a company.
  • We have only experienced drivers with a long experience of driving in different situations. We are responsible for the professionalism of our people, you can entrust your safety to them.
  • Managers and businessmen who have a personal driver save 2-4 hours of work time per day, which is usually spent on trips. This time can be spent on professional growth or company business, using the time to your advantage.

The higher cost is the disadvantage of this method of renting, since you will have to pay not only for the rental of the vehicle, but also for the work of your personal driver.

What is needed for long term car rental without a driver?

In the case of rent a car without a driver, the responsibility for the safety of the vehicle falls on you, but you won’t have to pay for the driver’s work. Rent a car in this case costs you much cheaper.

Individuals need the following documents:

  1. identification document (passport);
  2. driver’s license
  3. the sum of payment of services in cash or electronic format;
  4. the experience of driving from two years;
  5. the client must be at least 21 years old.

Legal entities should provide the following:

  1. head data;
  2. company details;
  3. power of attorney to sign documents;
  4. passport and driver’s license of the future driver of the car.

Long term car rental services in Minsk for legal entities

For legal entities car rental is very profitable, as it allows you to start a business without buying own cars. In addition, the management gets rid of a huge number of problems: registration of car by the traffic police, insurance, solution and settlement of many minor legal problems faced by car owners. We will take responsibility on all of these tasks, and your employees could concentrate on their immediate work duties, without being distracted by car problems.

For legal entities we offer a full range of services under a single service contract, which is very convenient from the point of view of saving time. You will only need to submit an application, provide the required set of documents, read and sign the contract. Then you should not worry about any problems.

Why rent a car with us is profitable?

  • Wide range of ECONOMY, BUSINESS and VIP class cars.
  • We provide full list of car rental services for individuals and legal entities.
  • We maintain our vehicle fleet in good technical condition, you don’t need to take care of it
  • In the event of a failure, you will get the new car promptly with similar characteristics. Your business will not suffer from such problems.

Interested in long term car rental in Minsk?

If you need a car hire in Minsk for a month or more, please contact us. We provide a full range of car rent services, except for the provision of trucks. Choose any car and make an application!

Initial Provisions

Naniko has confidence in its customers and entrusts them to enter a rental agreement on the most favorable terms. By virtue of only three documents we allow you full enjoyment of our services.

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About Naniko

Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
The age of each vehicle does not exceed three years. We offer at your disposal a wide range of economy, middle and business class vehicles.

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We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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