Car rental with a driver

We provide long-term and short-term car rental with a driver in Minsk. We will offer you comfortable cars of different prices. Managers will help you to make a choice. Rental services are budget-friendly, there are various rates to choose.

To rent a car with a driver is a very advantageous variant, if you have not a driving license, or if do not know your way around the city or if you just do not want to give attention to the road while you have a trip. An experienced driver of our company knows Minsk perfectly and he always finds a convenient way to right place. You may be sure in driver’s professional skills and in drive safety. Short and long-term car rental with a driver will help you to spend your trip comfortably. You will not think about traffic problems in Minsk. We invite everyone who needs a driver with a car for a day, a week, a month and more.

The advantages of car rental with a driver in Minsk

  • You can get a transport vehicle with a perfect level of comfort for any term you need.
  • Our company is responsible for the level of professionalism and driving experience of the workers. Moreover, all the drivers are polite and try to please their clients.
  • The drivers know Minsk perfectly, that is why they can bring you to any designated location in the shortest time. And if you do not know where to go, you may ask the driver to advice you beautiful places in the city.
  • When hiring the driver with a car you can settle in peace in the back seat and do whatever you want, or look at the neighborhood. You do not have to follow the road and control the situation.

Rent a car with a driver

Short-term car hire

Car rental with a driver in Minsk can be required only for a journey or a day. This included a transfer to the airport or railway station, a tour of the city, visiting of any sights in the suburbs, going for a picnic, etc. We offer you passenger cars in different prices. The drivers know the city very well, they bring you to a destination point without traffic jams, and they will travel through difficult road conditions. You need only a passport to rent a car with a driver. If you are on a trip, you can look at neighborhood in peace and do not think about traffic problems.

The advantages of car hire company №1

  1. All cars of our car fleet are maintained in a good technical condition.
  2. All cars are clean and tidy, the saloon is heated and there are comfortable conditions for the passengers in every car.
  3. The cost of car rental is rather low, compared with the competitors.
  4. The drivers are experienced. Additionally we teach them how to behave with any clients.
  5. We offer a wide range of various cars of different vehicle class and cost.
  6. We accept all popular methods of payments.
  7. Return and extradition of cars after the rental are held in working days, weekends and holidays.
  8. When your order is repeated, the services become cheaper thanks to discount program.

A short-term and a long-term car rental with a driver – Minsk

We provide cars to hire on different costs – with driving distance limit and without it. For all your purposes, we offer you tidy, warm cars and experienced professional drivers. You may choose any car from the list and make a request on the web site. The processing of necessary documents takes only 10-15 minutes and then the car goes in your disposal.

Initial Provisions

Naniko has confidence in its customers and entrusts them to enter a rental agreement on the most favorable terms. By virtue of only three documents we allow you full enjoyment of our services.

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About Naniko

Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
The age of each vehicle does not exceed three years. We offer at your disposal a wide range of economy, middle and business class vehicles.

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Our Services

We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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Customers should pay in advance for Naniko rental services. Please find below available methods of payment.