Terms & Conditions

Car hire is a convenient and viable service that allows you freedom of driving while you are on trip.

Advantageous offers on favorable terms with Naniko:

  • The hirer of a car is legally recognized as a rental car driver upon his signing a car rental agreement with Naniko.
  • As per above, upon examining the documents, all terms and conditions of the agreement between the two parties are confirmed by the tenant signature.
  • A legal recognition of the extra driver of a rental car is possible upon additional fee payment. The fee amount is available in Naniko website price list.
  • In order to obtain a permit and all the necessary papers for driving a rental car, a person must be at least 23 years old and have over one year driving experience.
  • For making a deal with Naniko a person must have the following valid documents: his or her passport, a driver’s license and a bank card that will be charged for our services.
  • If you would like to make an ex parte agreement, please keep Naniko informed about your intention at least two days (48 hours) in advance.
  • For crossing the country’s borders you need to obtain a written permit. Upon your request you will be issued the permit by the Naniko officer. It is paid only per occasion and is valid for the entire term of the vehicle lease.

Car hire policies

  1. The tenant is provided with a fully fueled car in good road condition, without any external or internal deteriorations. Thus, you should return a hired car in the same well-kept condition. Please remember, that you will be charged if the car will be dirty (refer to our price list for the current fees).
  2. As per the rental agreement, the car must be returned in its original condition to the specific place, at the exact time, with all the original car accessories and documentation.
  3. An extra payment for one hour delay is not charged. For a longer period of delay, the tenant pays the amount of one day car rental fee.
  4. In case the tenant returns the car after office hours, he will be relieved from his responsibility for the car, its keys and its documentation only upon his signing all the required car return documents.

Provisions for a prohibition from driving a motor vehicle:

  • violation of traffic rules and other regulations
  • illegal actions by the car tenant, driving via prohibited areas of the region
  • giving driving lessons to others using a rented car
  • participation in auto racing
  • an attempt to rent a vehicle to another driver
  • transportation of animals *

* The latter provision may be arranged in advance with Naniko.

Car hire payment

Upon signing rental agreement Naniko reserves the right to retain a certain amount as a deposit for a vehicle for a period from 14 to 21 days. The release of the deposit will occur upon return of the vehicle. Payment in national currency with any type of credit cards is accepted.

Hiring a car can also be paid by cash. The currency exchange rates of the company terminal may be slightly different from the Central Bank rates.

Special Rental Conditions

  • Naniko is not responsible for property left in the car by the tenant. Please take all your belongings with you before returning the car to the office.
  • The tenant is responsible for keeping the car keys, remote controls and registration documents.
  • The client should report Naniko on any slightest incident, theft, robbery, malfunction, vandalism, etc.
  • In no case should one leave the road accident site without notifying the police, the Naniko staff and the insurer.

In case of non-observance of the above conditions, the rental car driver will be liable to indemnify the damage. If the parking and traffic rules are violated by the tenant, he is also liable for the fines payment.

Initial Provisions

Naniko has confidence in its customers and entrusts them to enter a rental agreement on the most favorable terms. By virtue of only three documents we allow you full enjoyment of our services.

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About Naniko

Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
The age of each vehicle does not exceed three years. We offer at your disposal a wide range of economy, middle and business class vehicles.

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Our Services

We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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Customers should pay in advance for Naniko rental services. Please find below available methods of payment.