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Accuracy and transparency

I had the task of providing comfortable vehicle for the foreign colleagues. This is why I decided to book Toyota Camry with the driver. The staff accepted the job, no ands or buts about it. Attention to details, accuracy and transparency. This was my first experience, and from now on I’m going to use only this service.


Service quality complies with European standards

I have booked Toyota Corolla before the departure from Vienna. Only thing needed is to fill the online form. After landing on the airport, the car was waiting for me in the parking lot. By the way, there was some sort of a special offer at the time of my booking, so I got a discount. Service quality complies with European standards, I saved a lot of time.


Remained quite pleased

I remained quite pleased with this company. They often have special offers. I have no doubts that they company takes care of its cars. Everything is available for you, whether multi-grade oil or windshield washer liquid. You can drive 50-100 km without concern over it. Payments may be performed in USD, and this is a welcome surprise. The exchange rate is the same as in the exchange offices.


I really liked the work of the staff

Good evening! We rented Volkswagen Polo for 5 days and then decided to add 3 days more. Judging by the road performance, the vehicle condition was satisfactory. The interior was quite good. I really liked the work of the staff, they helped to get things done in no time. They are always on, 24/7.


The staff is very efficient in paperwork

Every time I go out hunting, I choose a KIA crossover. I have tested it in extreme conditions. The car can handle quite deep potholes and it easily goes uphill. Once, I even run over a fallen tree. As a driver, I didn’t feel any discomfort in doing so. I didn’t face any difficulties with car rental issues. The staff is very efficient in paperwork, ready to hand over the keys immediately.


I was pleased dealing with this company

The first car of our wedding cortege was a fancy black Mercedes. Naniko provides a driver service, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to drive this iron horse myself. Although the car was rented, they gave us our heads on decorating it. I was pleased dealing with this company.


That’s really amazing that we can get a fuel-efficient entry-level car.

We live in Berlin. Every year we visit our relatives in Minsk, this is why we use car rental service. That’s really amazing that we can get a fuel-efficient entry-level car. Last year we used KIA Rio and this year we decided to opt for Renault.


Huge variety of cars

It was our first time visiting Minsk as well as using Naniko. We were very satisfied with the service and variety of cars. Even when we asked to upgraded car they offered a discount and a huge variety of cars to choose from. The staff was friendly too. We rented a practically brand new Mercedes Vito – an ideal choice for 5-6 of us. All that for a very reasonable price tags. Thanks’ to Naniko Rent A Car for a great experience! Positive attitude of the company followed our trip in Belarus as a whit line


The rental prices were great

Me and my boyfriend seriously had a very good experience with Naniko. The rental prices were great for the luxury car we rented. Company attendants were really nice and helpful, when we got there we got help with our bags delivering them to the rented car (I also loved their uniforms!).. Rental procedure was fast and easy even when returning the car. We had no extra charge only what we agreed on. I will definitely rent a car only from Naniko in future.

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Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
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We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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