On this page we present you most frequently asked questions of our customers and answers for them. In case if you won’t find necessary information, please contact us contact@naniko.com
Please carefully ready all submitted information before applying your reservation. NANIKO Rent A Car always guarantees:

  • Class of the car;
  • Transmission type;
How can I book a car?You have 3 options of booking: 1. Booking through our user friendly system on NANIKO’s web-site; 2. You can always directly visit one of our offices; 3. You can send you request to our reservation department contact@naniko.com.What documentations are required for successful rental?То rent a car in Minsk you must present valid driving license and passport. Data in your passport and your driver license should be written in Latin letters to. Otherwise you should translate your documentation with notaries or other authorized person. For airport rental you should also provide flight details for accurate coordination.Which booking method is fastest?All booking methods are fast and don’t take much time, but online booking is more time friendly because documentation is prepared beforehand.If I will have to visit office directly what time does the paper work take?Preparation of Rental Agreement takes approximately 5-10 minutes. In case if customer desires to pick-up car at the airport our reservation department clarifies fling details in advance for fast and smooth transaction of car to the costumer.What is step by step procedure of car rental process for the office visitors?First, company employ will request passport and driver license to prepare Rental Agreement. After short procedure of paper signing and your payment your free to go!In what currency should I pay?We accept only local currency. Calculation will be made according to the exchange ratio of the national bank at the moment of payment.Do I have to leave a deposit?Yes, as in any car rental company deposit is mandatory. Money will be returned after you return the car according to the Rental Agreement. What amount of money I should allot as a deposit?Size of the deposit is amounting to 200USD. NANIKO submits 2 ways of deposit provision: 1. Freezing required amount of money on your credit and; 2. Leaving deposit in cash. Deposit should also be left in national currency.When I will get my deposit back?If you will leave deposit in cash, it will be returned in 10-15 minutes after retuning of the car. As for credit card, period of returning depends on the bank.What are the age restrictions?Lessee should be at least 23 and maximum 65 years old in a possession of a valid driving license for at least 3 years. Do I have to prepay using online booking?No, our company doesn’t require prepayment and credit card information. We build our relationship with costumers on trust. But if you are early planner, you can prepay and save money on early booking.Which payment methods are acceptable?Any of major payment methods, including credit cards, cash and bank transfers are acceptable.Am I limited in mileage?Absolutely no restrictions! Unlimited mileage is always included.Can I return car in a different location or country?Yes, you have this flexibility with NANIKO. But you always have to check availability of the services. We mostly offer at list 2 locations in the city (airport and downtown), but in different cites numbers may warry. As for drop-off in a different country, NANIKO offers this service but always should always be checked.What additional services company can provide?NANIKO always cares about your comfort. That’s why we offer wide verity of additional services, which you can choose while booking online or by the E-Mail. Can I modify already confirmed reservation and what will be the additional price?You can modify your reservation for free in case if you request it 24 hours earlier. To modify your reservation, you should contact our reservation department contact@naniko.com.What if my flight delays?All airport reservations contain flight details so our rental agent will always be on time.How do I recognize rental agent in the airport?Our rental agent will wear NANIKO’s special uniform and will be equipped with special sign with your name on it. Our rental agent will have all necessary information regarding your flight and will find you easily.What should I do in case of the accident?In case of the accident it’s important to know: 1. Do not move car from the place of the accident! 2. Call the police and then to our office. All necessary number will be provided in the Rental Agreement.What if car breaks down by the itself?Do not worry this usually never happens because all of our cars, are always in flawless condition. But if the unfortunate happens and you are stuck with broken car do not worry, call our technical support and we will help you or deliver a new car.What if I see warning signs on the dashboard?You should call to our technical support (number will be provided in the Rental Agreement) and they will advise you and if necessary will come to your whereabouts. For how long company is saving my reservation?NANIKO is responsible for your booking during 2 hours after beginning of the rental period. After this period car will be rented in case of request.What happens if I forget something in the car?At the moment of returning the car lessee is obliged to check the car and make sure that has not left anything in car, otherwise lessor is not responsible for the lost things. What should I do before I start driving a rented car?

  • First of all, check the car and in case if you find any discrepancy with Rental Agreement, immediately notify rental agent;
  • Check all additional service you have chosen and in case if you miss anything notify the rental agent;
  • Ask about the fuel type;
  • Find out particular qualities of local traffic.

Initial Provisions

Naniko has confidence in its customers and entrusts them to enter a rental agreement on the most favorable terms. By virtue of only three documents we allow you full enjoyment of our services.

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About Naniko

Naniko fleet consists of new vehicles only.
The age of each vehicle does not exceed three years. We offer at your disposal a wide range of economy, middle and business class vehicles.

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We offer our customers a full range of vehicle leasing services. If desired, you will be provided with a personal driver.

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