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Vitebsk is a cultural and transportation center of the northern Belarus, one of the oldest cities in the country and one of the six regional centers. Foundation of the city attributed to Princess Olga of Kiev in the 10th century.

Despite the destruction during the Second World War, Vitebsk retains a special flavor and eclecticism of the Polish-Lithuanian heritage and surely, Russian influence in XIX-XX centuries.

The best way get to Belarus is the air flight. Vitebsk Airport is located approximately 11 km east to the city. International Airport Vitebsk called the "East", is in operation since 1996. Airfield can accept aircraft such as the Tu-154, Il-76 and many others, as well as all types of helicopters.

Right at the airport the car rental services from the company "Naniko" is under your disposal Only with new and proven vehicle which is fitted to the purpose of your trip, you will be able to enjoy the trip or spend a successful business negotiations, in time to catch the meetings and see the high places of interest and all of Vitebsk sites in Belarus. Naniko team will provide you with consultations during the trip if you have any questions.

Vitebsk surprises you with a variety of events, especially in the summer time. Slavonic Bazaar is a credit to the city, which opened during the festival in all its glory, and the cheerful and happy people walking the streets. There are numerous restaurants waiting for their visitors walking the streets of Vitebsk, it’s a good possibility to rest and have a lunch there. Crafts exhibition "City of Masters" perfectly complements the music program Slavonic Bazaar.

Vitebsk special places are Church of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the 12th-century wooden churches of Alexander Nevsky.

It should be noted the House Museum of Marc Chagall. In each room of the museum are photographs and drawings, as well as fragments of the interior of bygone times.

The historical center of the town is the Millennium Square. Among the buildings of 18-19 centuries deserve the attention of the Intercession Cathedral 1760, 1858 Assumption Church, Church of St. Barbara 1885, Jesuit College of 18th c. etc. The former City Hall of 18th century became Vitebsk Regional Museum, with a variety of archaeological, handwritten, armed tons and other collections, as well as the exhibition of paintings and drawings.

Vitebsk is worth it to come here. The days spent here will long remain pleasant memories in your mind. Travel, choose a suitable car and get pleasure! Naniko is at your service!

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