Geely Atlas test drive: a Chinese crossover of Belarusian origin

Geely Atlas test drive: a Chinese crossover of Belarusian origin

This new brainchild of much-vaunted Chinese company Geely is manufactured in Belarus, which makes it possible to maintain affordable price of this car. Geely was widely criticized for their cars’ design, then quality, and then power; probably, they’ve got tired of it and decided to make something really worthwhile. Of course, this crossover falls behind reliable European brands, but its price is also much lower. If you have been thinking about driving this beast for a long time, you can rent off-roaders.

How do Atlas differ from other Geely cars

The first thing to notice is the Atlas model design. We are so much used to Geely creating cars with an extremely Chinese pretentious exterior that after seeing this model you begin to doubt about the manufacturer’s origin. Geely was right to invite a new designer to the team – from now on, their cars can hardly be distinguished from European ones, although Atlas still feature its own signature. Geely Atlas enjoys extremely decent, trend-perfect, and expensive design.

This model is upgraded with high-quality interior; of course, you won’t see any leather there, just like in any other low-cost car, but the finish quality is relatively high. The good news is that there is no more smell of burned plastic, as it used to be in the brand’s other models. This time, Geely lashed out on a proper dashboard for the car, as well as on the technical equipment.

Car enthusiasts will be pleased by Atlas’ BorgWarner optional all-wheel drive and a 6-speed automatic transmission. This combination grants the crossover additional points among many of its competitors. This car’s comfort is worth mentioning as well. Inside, there is enough space not to bear your knees against the dashboard or seats; the back seat can easily accommodate 3 adults. A proper sound insulation is an additional advantage.


Obviously, the Geely Company is making progress and trying to catch up with its Korean and European competitors. Despite the fact that currently there are quite a number of shortcomings, it can be considered a norm for a low-cost segment. If you rent a car, you can definitely give this crossover a try and see, how Geely evolves.