Test drive of a bantam Kia Picanto

Test drive of a bantam Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto is one of the best city car options within its price segment. When these “babies” just started entering the market, many people treated them with prejudice and certain scepsis. The key reason for not taking this Kia model seriously was its name – it seemed amusing and slightly feminine, just like the car itself. However, this car has been winning drivers’ hearts for several years now. Therefore, if you need to car rental to drive within the city, Kia Picanto is a perfect option.

Kia Picanto exterior

This model is available in several versions with almost the same exterior; Kia Picanto GT-Line looks a bit more aggressive, since it was designed to imitate a sports car style. I won’t talk long about the exterior; everybody can see the photos that will cope better with this task. The only thing I’m going to mention is that the model is available in 11 colors, from classic white up to bright yellow. The car is of quite a moderate size – it was nicknamed a “baby” with good reason: it is 3595 mm long and 1595 wide. In such a car, you will have no problem maneuvering even in a clogged city.

Interior option pack

Kia Picanto is not too different from its sophisticated counterparts and is stuffed with all the technological gadgets that we have got used to. This model is equipped with a monochrome display for multimedia control; you can also use Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Enhanced versions feature a display with a rear-view camera as well.

The interior is worth being mentioned individually: the seats have fabric lining and only GT-Line version feature artificial leather covering. Despite moderate size of the car, it is quite comfortable to sit in, especially if there are no more than 4 people; in case there are more people, they will have to move closer together. Kia Picanto of the third generation is notable for its increased trunk volume amounting to 255 liters, which is 55 liters larger in comparison to the previous model and is quite a lot for a compact car.

Kia Picanto power

This car is designed for driving within the city, so you shouldn’t count on extremely high speed characteristics; the maximum speed Kia Picanto can accelerate to is 161km/h, which is quite enough for driving around the city. It takes tiny Picanto 14.3 seconds to reach the speed of 100km/h. Therefore, if you want to drive around Minsk comfortably, this car is what you need. Moreover, you can rent a car at the airport, and waste no time running around the city with your luggage.