How to choose a car for rent?

How to choose a car for rent

Our fleet has a wide variety of vehicles so it’s no wonder that people sometimes get confused and make a mistake.

To avoid disappointment with your car rental in Minsk, you should decide on the purpose, specifications and extras as well as examine terms of service and answer another important question: “How much will it cost?”

Read on to know more about choosing a car for rent.


Consider the following:

  • What kind of terrain you are going to drive around. Sedans are good for a city (for example, Kia Rio), while, for a countryside with rugged roads, you will need an off-road vehicle able to go everywhere. Remember that large and heavy jeeps are difficult to drive for those who have never dealt with such giants before. A solution is to hire a professional driver. This would be a bit more expensive but safer option.
  • The reason. To commute to work when you are away on business, a compact and mobile SUV is a perfect option. To transfer your business partners or wedding guests, choose a business-class vehicle with a driver.
  • The number of passengers. You will probably agree that five people huddling together in a common passenger car will hardly enjoy the trip. In this case, you would be better off taking a minivan. In addition, if there is a child among the passengers, you will need a child seat.


They include:

  • Transmission. A car with manual transmission will cost less than that with automatic transmission.
  • The type of fuel. Diesel cars are cheaper than gasoline ones.
  • The fuel tank volume. It affects the fuel consumption.
  • Load-carrying capacity, the trunk volume and availability of additional fixtures. All these matter if you are going to take something serious with you like sports gear, equipment etc. Our company offers luggage cases (roof-mounted) and bicycle fixing devices.


A modern person needs:

  1. A climate control system or at least an air conditioner. Naniko offers only new vehicles provided with a climate control system so you will enjoy a comfortable trip under any weather conditions.
  2. A GPS navigator with the latest versions of maps.
  3. A USB connector to charge gadgets.

Terms of service

While this might sound banal, read the contract carefully before you sign it. It holds all relevant terms of service, which include:

  1. A driver’s minimum age and driving experience requirements.
    At our company, long-term car hire is possible only if you are 23 years old or more, with at least 3 years of driving experience.
  2. Required documents.
  3. The deposit amount.
  4. Payment methods.
  5. Whether you may drop the car at another place.
  6. What should be done if the vehicle breaks down.
  7. What should be done in case of an accident.
  8. Other terms of service: how to travel on toll roads, whether a second driver is allowed, etc.


The lower the class of a car, the cheaper daily car rental. Hiring a limousine to take your relatives from an airport has no sense and would be just waste of money. So decide on how much you are willing to spend to rent an economy-class car, and we will help you select the best option.

In our company, there are cars for every taste and wallet. Read our catalog, then contact a manager by phone or e-mail (whichever is more convenient for you). We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!