How to Rent a Car on Favorable Terms?

How to Rent a Car on Favorable Terms

Are you a visitor of the Belarus capital – Minsk seeking to rent a car? Or, are you about to get married and need to pick relatives from the airport, so you just cannot manage without a few vehicles with drivers?

We will tell you how to rent a car on favorable conditions. Let’s get started!

Decide on a vehicle’s class, make and model

The very first step is to decide on a vehicle’s class, make and model.
You will probably agree that renting an off-road vehicle only makes sense if you are going to the countryside or need to carry bulky and heavy cargo (sports gear, equipment, etc.).

Our company offers luggage cases and special fixtures including those for Geely Atlas. When booking, tell our manager what you are going to take with you.

A common passenger car will not only save your family budget but also offers other advantages including compactness, mobility, and easier driving.

Cheap does not mean bad. All cars of our fleet are “young”, 3 years old maximum. That said, by choosing an inexpensive vehicle you provide yourself with a reliable and comfortable car.

Give preference to mechanical transmission

Vehicles with mechanical transmission are more affordable than those with automatic transmission. If you have no problems with mechanics, there is no reason to overpay for a more state-of-the-art analogue.

Book not only a car but also a driver

It is not always possible to seek help from your family or friends, especially in a strange city. A good solution is renting a car with a driver. Sure, this is a paid service. Still, it will pay off completely by saving you gasoline and time, not to mention your nerves.

Refuel on your own

A car should be returned with the initial amount of fuel, i.e. with a full tank. When leaving a parking lot, notice a nearby gas station. On the way back, visit it to replenish gasoline to a full tank. Otherwise, you will have to pay for both the fuel itself and the refueling service. No matter how much fuel is left, you will be charged for a full tank.

Read all terms of service

Car rental can cause unexpected expenses. For example, if you had an accident and, due to emotions or lack of knowledge, moved the car from its place. Or if you delay the car return for more than an hour (you will have to pay for an extra day of rent).

What would be the conclusion? While this may sound banal, read the contract carefully before you sign it.

Ask about discounts

And the last way to hire a car on favorable terms is to ask about discounts. It is possible that you have already become a loyalty program participant.

Naniko offers other discounts too:

  • for new clients;
  • for those who has placed an order on the website in advance.

Additionally, the Special Weekend promotional deal is available. When renting a car for a weekend, you can expect a discount with any vehicle.

On our website, you can hire a variety of cars, ranging from the economy class to the business class. Also, car rental at the airport is possible.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact our manger – by phone or e-mail.