Test drive Volkswagen Polo: advantages of the German brainchild

Test drive Volkswagen Polo: advantages of the German brainchild

At its best, when just entering the market, Volkswagen Polo was one of the best-selling cars in the CIS countries. How did the German manage to conquer the drivers’ hearts and sidestep its sharp-toothed competitors? Further, we will tell you about it, but if words are not enough for you and you want to check the data by trial, you can rent a car for a day or order a long-term car rental.

Key advantages of Volkswagen Polo

  • The brand speaks for itself; many drivers are Volkswagen brand fans.
  • The model’s design looks extremely trendy and expensive. Where are those boring Volkswagen cars that we are used to? Thus, Korean beauties may start to be scared.
  • This model has quite decent technical equipment, which is a rare case for low-cost cars: parking sensors, defroster lines, air conditioning, rain sensor, and other gadgets.
  • Fuel-saving engine: according to the official data, fuel consumption is about 7.3 liters per 100km in the city mode.
  • The model’s price is quite affordable; that’s why Polo became so popular in the CIS countries. Indeed, many people want to drive a German car that obviously looks more expensive than it costs.

Of course, this model has a number of considerable drawbacks, which is quite a norm given its price segment. However, many people are ready to turn a blind eye to this for such a price.

Volkswagen Polo – a car for comfortable driving

The Germans know how to make cars that are pleasant to drive in – for both a driver and passengers. Anyone who has ever driven a spacious and comfortable Volkswagen is unlikely to change it for more compact Korean competitors. The car ergonomics is also worth mentioning, since it can cause nothing but admiration. Moreover, Polo is quite a speedy car; you will have no time to yawn driving it, although it demonstrates no outstanding characteristics, which is quite common for this price segment. This car is designed to drive along a decent road, so be careful with holes and speed breakers – this model has not the most reliable suspension carriage. But the automatic transmission works swiftly, which is good news.

In general, manufacturers have done their best to get the most out of the B-class car budget. And despite the fact that today Volkswagen Polo has lots of competitors on the market, such as Solaris, Rio, and others, devotees of German cars remain true to the brand.